Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Chip, PIN & expand your service with CabCard

With over 420 vehicles, Central Taxis is the largest hackney fleet in Edinburgh. Central appreciate that their business is all about providing customers with the best service possible and these days that means offering alternative and convenient methods of paying for their taxi journey.

Fewer and fewer people carry cash these days and they also expect to be able to pay by debit or credit card and by chip & PIN which is the only safe and secure way to transact card payments face to face.

Last October, Central Taxis Edinburgh equipped every cab in their fleet with the CabCard mobile card payment system. This was a very positive move for them and gave Central the comfort of a fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant system approved by the likes of Visa and others. It has given them the edge over their competitors and helped maintain their position as the foremost Taxi company in Edinburgh.

Colin Anderson of Central Taxis commented:
“We have seen a significant increase in card transacted business which is important for us and our customers. At first it was mainly business travellers and tourists using the facility, but now we see it is important for our customers right across the spectrum to be able to pay by card. The student market in particular is an important market for us and they never have any cash, but they all have cards. We like the fact that CabCard manage everything, including all administration and payment to our owner drivers.”
Central Taxis and CabCard have also collaborated to develop a bespoke service provided by CabCard. Each mobile card payment terminal runs a second application to manage and capture all account work data. Now with the press of a key, account jobs can be allocated and reconciled within minutes. This has revolutionised Central’s Account work administration. Drivers no longer have to report weekly to the office with wads of paper slips from account customers and
the office team can efficiently invoice account work out. Billing is much faster and this results in getting account jobs paid more speedily.

Colin Anderson expressed the thoughts of all the staff when he praised the CabCard service:
“Our drivers have found the system very easy to use, our accountant is thrilled because we are more efficient, saving money and time on administration and the customers also see the advantage in cost saving to them. This has resulted in us picking up new contracts as well as improving relations with established customers”.
The CabCard Service is now well established as the number one service provider for
small or large fleets plus the independent driver. For details and further information contact them today by going to or by telephone on 0845 491 8410.