Wednesday, 22 September 2010

CabCard and Rainbow City Taxis Aberdeen

Established in 1984, Rainbow City Taxis is one of the largest taxi fleets in Scotland with around 290 vehicles. Their business approach is one of the most technically advanced in the taxi industry, using the latest data despatch, GPS satellite car location and fully integrated digital telephone call handling systems.

At Rainbow, customer care is a top priority. As Managing Director Russell McLeod confirmed:
“We continuously strive to improve the quality of our service so when we were looking for a firm to provide us with a card payment facility, we knew we needed to find a company with first-class credentials. CabCard seemed to fit the bill.”
Last year, Rainbow made the decision to equip their entire fleet with secure card payment terminals so that every one of their drivers could have the facility to take payment by Chip & PIN. This cutting-edge type of secure PIN-verified payment technology allows the firm to eliminate the risk of financial loss through chargebacks.

Not only that, since the Chip & PIN system is fully compliant with stringent PCI DSS regulations, the company doesn't face the devastating prospect of heavy fines and bank blacklisting as a result of any fraudulent transactions. Such technology stands head and shoulders above the many insecure systems used in the taxi industry (such as those which transfer card details by radio or mobile phone) and Rainbow's commitment to using Chip & PIN technology ensures security and peace of mind for their customers and for the firm itself.

Russell explained some of the company's reasons for going Chip & PIN:
“We have a wide range of passengers and everyone appreciates the convenience of being able to pay by card; in particular we have a large number of workers from the oil and gas industry travelling in and out of Aberdeen. These guys expect to be able to pay by card, so we decided to invest in the CabCard Service.

“CabCard provided the mobile terminals and ensured that all the drivers were fully trained on their usage. We then set about promoting the Chip & PIN service. We used a number of media including a radio campaign which was very effective and raised a lot of interest as it alluded to Her Majesty the Queen using our service!

“Since then we haven’t looked back. The drivers really appreciate the professional service that they can now offer to their passengers, and as a company Rainbow has enjoyed a new and recurring revenue stream as a result of taking the CabCard service on board.”
The CabCard Service is now well established as the number one service provider for small or large fleets plus the independent driver. For further information go to or call us on 0845 491 8410.