Monday, 20 April 2009

Taking Card Payments - Safe for the driver and the passenger

Drivers like Dave Watson in Liverpool have reported that the security aspect of CabCard is
important for passengers and cabbies. He says:
“Cabbies are easy targets. Drivers are being attacked for their cash. Personally, I would be more than happy if every one of my customers paid by card. It would mean I would carry less cash.”
Women in particular are much safer if they pay by card from the security of the taxi, especially at night, - and with Chip & PIN payments the transaction is fast and secure. They don’t have to
give their card details out over a radio system or a mobile phone.

Picking up valuable airport business
Foreign travellers prefer and expect to be able to pay for their taxi journey by card. Paul Blackmore of Mantax Radio Taxis has many drivers signed up to CabCard. He says:

“At Manchester Airport there are a lot of foreign business people with cards. In the last few years there has been increasing demand to use cards. CabCard means we can offer passengers a choice.”
No cash? No problem.
Dover driver Richard Amos is a great fan of the CabCard system. He has only had the service since March but says already it is popular with business people and also with locals, particularly those who need a cab but find themselves without enough cash.

Don’t miss out - sign up now
Drivers across the UK are reaping the benefits of the CabCard system. Whether you are an individual driver or part of a group you should sign up now to be ready for the passengers asking “Can I pay by Card?”

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