Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New appointment at CabCard keen to raise importance of being PCI compliant

James Deville has been named UK Business Development Manager at CabCard Services. CabCard provide a complete Chip & PIN card payment solutions to the taxi trade, equipping drivers with an in-taxi terminal to accept debit and credit card fares.

James brings a decade of private hire industry experience. He commented:

"I am delighted to offer this fully payment card industry compliant product, into a market where passenger demand for paying taxi fares by card is increasing every day - ‘Chip & PIN’ payments are needed for PCI compliance, this is the way today’s taxi industry needs to go."

Whilst the taxi trade may have initially addressed the shift from cash to plastic by taking card payments over the radio or via mobile phone, operations offering such non-compliant card payment methods are falling prey to the increasingly expensive and destructive consequences of not being PCI compliant, including chargeback problems and exposure to the increasing level of fraud in the card market.

Compliance violations with PCI standards are resulting in severe penalties, including substantial fines, higher processing costs for accepting cards, monthly non-compliance fees or termination of card processing facilities all together.

CabCard supports fleets with the very latest payment and monitoring technology – equipping drivers with a secure Chip & PIN mobile card payment terminal that offers an attractive and safe proposition to passengers. CabCard also eliminate the need for fleet operators to have bank-approved merchant status, with its complex application processes and high implementation costs. With CabCard, fleet controllers can rest assured that they are offering passengers a PCI-compliant payment solution without the fear of receiving penalties associated with non-compliance.

Call CabCard today on 0845 491 8410 to make your fleet PCI compliant, or for more information visit our website: