Friday, 12 February 2010

Scottish Drivers and their Customers get On Board

The largest black cab fleet in Edinburgh, Central Taxis, have teamed up with CabCard and are now enjoying the benefits of the Chip & PIN payment system plus a bespoke non-payment add-on service which can be applied via the terminal to assist with administration of account work.

Central driver Douglas Brown had this to say about the service:
"I think it's great, a very forward thing for the taxi trade. People want to use their cards. I've had customers coming up to me on the rank and I get the job when others can't take cards. I feel very secure about the system. It's great for business people and the drunks on Saturday night who get in and say I've only got a fiver, but the fare is £15.00. I say have you got a card?”
For further information go to or call us on 0845 491 8410.