Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Make sure the punters pick your cab with CabCard

There’s no denying that it’s tough out there at the moment - so you can’t afford to lose any fares. And when you have a CabCard system you don’t have to!

Taking cards is good business
People on business, and those who have corporate credit cards, often don’t want to use their own cash to pay taxi fares. And they can’t draw cash from an ATM using their corporate card. So they’ll single out a cab where they can use a card.

Weekenders prefer cards too
We’ve also noticed that the general public is using cards more often in cabs, particularly at weekends when they are out on the town and don’t want to be carrying large amounts of cash. This trend will continue, as more cabs start offering the service and people get increasingly used to the idea. Female cardholders particularly feel safe when in the cab at night and don’t want to leave it to get cash from an ATM.

Cash in on the tourist boom

More foreign visitors will be attracted to Britain due to the weakness of the pound. These visitors expect - and prefer - to use their cards because they don’t want to exchange currency, particularly on their return journey to the airport or Eurostar.

Score with footie fans
Drivers in the cities of Manchester and Liverpool are reporting plenty of supporters from Ireland taking advantage of the stronger Euro to make more trips across the water for the big
matches. So to maximise your returns from the CabCard system make sure you always ask
the customer if they want to use a card. They will thank you for it!

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